Woody traveling bar designed by Brad Ford is a must-have for the most luxurious tailgate party

Ok, this has to be the final straw – we must now be convinced that there is a secret male society fighting for luxurious liberties. After the gaming flight and the beer gaming machine, this one takes a giant leap of ultra luxury and pampering – Woody the traveling bar – every man’s utopia. The Woody was commissioned by leather company Moore & Giles, who signed up Chelsea interior designer Brad Ford to ‘make people aware of the various lifestyle uses of luxury leather in the upholstery and home-furnishings market.’ Brad Ford designed the interior. He then used his skills to convert it to something which would have him worshiped by the entire male species – he put together a flat-screen, a place to sleep, and a fully-stocked bar into something that will take them anywhere.

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The cozy cabin features leather pillows and also leather holders for cards and chips. The exterior panels were made of cream-colored American bison leather, retailing for $13.50 per sq ft. it also features a beer keg cooler trimmed in ash and glassware donated by Waterford Crystal. The design company used a $15,000 vintage-looking rolling camper with Model A Ford fenders and designed by John Davis and asked New York-based Brad Ford to do what he could with this. The Woody showcased at the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS ‘Dining by Design’ dinner at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show last month.

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