Want a Private Bartender for your holiday parties? Grey Goose has you covered

Are you planning to host a soiree to ring in the holidays? If so, you’ll likely want to treat your guests to an impressive array of drink options. Nothing says tidings of joy quite like an expertly crafted cocktail.

You could opt to purchase all of the ingredients yourself, plan and stock your bar cart, and learn how to precisely measure and mix all of the concoctions.

Or, if you’re in the U.K., you could hire the Grey Goose Cocktail Concierge service instead. For £2,000 (which equates to a little over $2,600 in USD), a professional mixologist will come to your event and set up shop for you. Every detail, from glassware to the perfect seasonal add-ins, will be taken care of, so you can work the party and enjoy the company without stressing over tending bar.

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The best part? You’ll have a front-row seat to some of the famed brand’s most creative yuletide concoctions. If your most difficult decision during the event is selecting between an espresso martini or a Grey Goose le fizz (elderflower cordials, vodka, lime, and soda), that’s a definite win.

Sure, you could skip out and skimp, or grab a bottom shelf bottle from the liquor store. Yet, this time of year is about giving generously and what a better way to do so than shower your friends and family with all the high-quality Vodka they can drink?

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Forget the gift cards they’ll inevitably lose, that neck massager they’ll use once then store away, and that sweater you’re not sure is even their size. Go with the Goose and leave them intoxicated and impressed right into the new year.


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