Billionaire entrepreneur Kim Kardashian has launched a home accessories collection to match her SKKN by Kim skincare line. It’s all concrete, minimalistic and expensive!

Kim Kardashian is going all out with her business enterprises. After launching Skims and Skkn, she is officially a line of bathroom accessories as part of her Skkn by Kim brand. The reality star’s home has been widely discussed for its off-beat monochromatic aesthetic and mausoleum-kind looks. Now emulating some of it will be easy owing to a bathroom accessories range that includes five pieces- a garbage can ($129), a vanity tray ($65), a tissue box ($89), a canister ($65) and a round container ($69). Each product above is made of concrete and matches the tones of her skincare line to the T with raw, greige tones.

“I love concrete and gray tones; it feels really zen to me,” Kardashian stated to Harper’s Bazaar. “When I was designing the packaging for my SKKN by Kim skincare line, I wanted the packaging to look really good in my own home. All my inspiration was concrete sculpture and varying shades of stone.” She continued, “I especially love how the round container and the canister are perfect for storing cotton pads, Q-tips, or for any trinkets on countertops or around the home to keep it clutter-free. I’ve let my kids decorate their own rooms—they can go wild with whatever colors they want—but in the main part of the house, I really like the calmness minimalism brings.”

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While calmness is excellent, one cannot ignore the minimalist collection is made from pure concrete and is pretty heavy, with the wastebasket weighing 8 pounds alone. The tissue box can double up as a dumbbell at 3.5 pounds. Keeping the texture of the concrete pieces in mind, terrycloth or microfiber towels cant be used to clean the accessories. Kim Kardashian unveiled the range on Instagram, ‘Launching on October 6 at 9a pt / 12p et exclusively at’ While her friends called her’ genius,’ some followers were not as enthusiastic.

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One user commented, ‘Coming soon to a landfill near you,’ and another quipped, ‘Kimberly, we didn’t need this, love.’ Heavy or expensive, this line is the only way you can come close to recreating an aspect of Kimberly’s home.

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