Just so her kids dont sprinkle orange dust all over her spotless white home – Kim Kardashian ditched the regular Cheetos for the White Cheddar Cheetos.

Image via - Instagram and Youtube screengrab / Vogue

The Kardashian’s are best at making money, cute kids and insanely organized pantries and closets. The fact that these ridiculously rich ladies own teapots as expensive as tennis bracelets don’t help matters; but does justify the fixation on making pantries look like palaces (in immaculateness, not size). It was Kim Kardashian’s turn after the world was dumbfounded with Kris Jenner’s dedicated dish room arranged chastely with $25,000 of designer crockery. The Skims founder ascertained her love for white after giving a tour of her California mansion.

Image via – Youtube screengrab / Vogue

The home that looks more like a monochrome mausoleum was decked out in 50-shades of beige. The 41-year-old reality star shared photos of her pantry, which is in accordance with her all-white mansion. Snacks are kept in individual bins and glass jars. For the love of aesthetics in her virginal $60 million Calabasas mansion, the billionaire switched from regular orange Cheetos to the white cheddar variety. Kim appeared on Friday’s episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan via video from her pristine white kitchen.

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Via Instagram / @kimkardashian

People shared their conversation, “Thank you. This is my kitchen. I’m in my kitchen praying that my kids just don’t run in and ruin this. They’re all just locked in the other room,” the SKIMS mogul said. Ripa asked, “Wait, you have white in your kitchen. Don’t you guys throw food like we do? We could never have white anything in our house.” Kim responded, “Thank God for white cheddar Cheetos instead of the orange Cheetos. I had to switch.” Kourtney Kardashian’s lifestyle brand Poosh gave an up-close dekko at Kim’s pantry. The mother-of-four has managed one helluva pantry from different types of tableware such as subtle ceramic plates, cups, and bowls with gold handles, an unending row of bagged snacks, and a wide range of treats having kids of all ages in her home.

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Image via – Youtube screengrab / Vogue

Poosh posted on Instagram, “Need a little organization inspiration? We’re sharing @kimkardashian’s updated pantry with an exclusive look at her minimal style. Get your inside peek at the link in our bio.” One follower commented, ‘I love this pantry – so open and clean and airy!’ Another said, ‘So organized. It brings a sense of relax and calm! I also need the tidiness to sleep at night.’ Some were quick to judge, ‘This is so unrealistic. She doesn’t do this; her housekeepers do.”

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