Porsche Design Studio designs the Vertigo Fireplace for Safretti

There is something hot and comforting about a fireplace, the idea of sitting by a fire on a cold winter night, drinking hot chocolate sounds absolutely perfect. Unfortunately, fireplaces don’t fit with modern and contemporary decor, not to mention that the cost of maintaining it can become quite frustrating. Safretti has completely changed the idea of a fireplace, turning it into something that is both modern and environmentally friendly. Their newest fireplace design is called Vertigo, designed by Porsche Design Studio, which guarantees that the design is a sleek and modern one. Launched early this year, the fireplace uses Safretti’s patented safe burning system that meets the latest international security standards. The fireplace includes an electronic ignition by remote control, so no separate lighter will be required. A closed separate tank system ensures that the fuel tank cannot be topped up while the fire is still burning.

The Vertigo Fireplace is completely produced in Holland and will be available to Safretti partners inside and outside the Netherlands. The best engineers in the field worked for over two years to create the new safe burning technology called ‘LUN.’ The fireplace will be available in stores from March 2013 onwards, with the recommended retail price being $5,090.

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