Exclusive VIP club opens in Taipei 101

The Taipei 101 is more famously known as the former tallest building in the world. Despite losing the title to Burj Khalifa, the tall skyscraper is still making news. This time for an exclusive VIP club that has opened on its 6th floor. A club for the uber-rich only requires prospective members to spend NT$1.01 million ($44,241) in a single day. Once you become a member after splurging the required amount, you will have access to a VIP-only parking lot and a key to a private elevator that will take you straight up to the club. On arrival, you will be greeted by an array of delicious sweets and music bursting from a NT$6 million sound system. A club for luxury lovers, it boasts of private dressing rooms, Chanel spa products, and a private showroom where the latest luxury products will be unveiled in front of your eyes!

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The club’s membership is limited to 1000 members only, with 800 spaces already filled. And believe it or not, these lucky (800 were given membership after splurging NT$500,000 ($15,640) during a private watch event last September.
With the last few seats remaining and the membership prices soaring, you had better hurry if you wish to be a part of this exclusive VIP club. An extremely profitable venture, this VIP club is expected to generate NT$1billion ($31.2million) from its exclusive 1000 members.

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