New York’s iconic Plaza hotel introduces ‘Plaza-opoly’

Stories bring brands to life and this is why companies are using this art to interact with their loyal consumers to build a more successful and sustainable relationship. Be it the augmented reality app by Jose Cuervo or the recent ‘Plaza-opoly’, storytelling seems to be the latest brand communication strategy. This month, The Plaza Hotel will be introducing its first ever Plaza-opoly board game to allow guests to remotely interact with the hotel through its 107 years of history.

A spin on the Hasbro’s iconic Monopoly board game, the Plaza-opoly game features instructions, playing cards and themed board spaces. Players choose from six characters (Eloise’s pug dog, Weenie, and her turtle, Skiperdee, to name two), roll the dice to move around famous hotel rooms and suites along the way–The Champagne Bar, The Plaza Food Hall, The Grand Ballroom, and even Home Alone 2, inspired by the film which was shot at the hotel.

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plaza-opoly-2Each destination comes with a value card that offers details about the location’s past. Players can take their winnings straight to the bank and whoever picks up the most expensive suites and other themed spaces is the winner of the game.

The game will be sold in the Plaza Boutique located within the hotel for $60.

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