The Dubai marina will soon be home to a lavish floating resort that will be surrounded by ultra luxury floating homes

Geographically Dubai lies directly within the Arabian Desert but look at what man has created there, and it’s a hard fact to believe. Dubai has the world’s largest fountain stretching 14,000 sq ft. Their flower-shaped expo 2020 lake boggled minds and a $5 billion megaresort built on a set of 6 outrageously themed islands is also underway. Similarly, Dubai will also be known for this magical new floating hotel called the Sea Palace Floating Resort, developed in Dubai Marina’s waters. This affluent residential neighborhood is known for The Beach at JBR, a leisure complex with alfresco dining and sandy stretches to relax on. Now a brand new five-star hotel is part-ship, part-hotel floating off the shores of Dubai Marina. The Sea Palace floating resort is a floating resort that comprises a central floating hotel surrounded by six floating houses. That’s quite a marvel even by Dubai standards. Emirati ship building company Seagate Shipyard unveiled the gorgeous structure with Neptune, one of the six houses, selling for AED 20 million at the launch event on Monday. News is the AED 600 million ($164 million) project is apparently 65% complete. Let’s take a peek inside the heavenly habitat that’s a success even before completion:

The stunning Sea Palace floating resort comprises a central floating hotel surrounded by six floating houses. These houses are designed so to move safely from one place to another, enjoy the coast of Emirates without even leaving your home.

The eco-conscious floating home will be solar powered and equipped with a self-sterilizing air filtration. They are massively spread over 900 square metres and split between two floors. A number of spacious balconies, outdoor swimming pool, four ensuite bedrooms, kitchen and living room together complete the gorgeous home.

These lavish homes are currently on the market for Dhs 20 million and are the epitome of luxury, featuring many amenities. However that said, the villas don’t need to act as stationary floating homes; they can quite literally turn into yachts and can easily be switched up to set sail as and when you’d like.

The interiors are opulent, with open spaces, several levels all, spacious kitchen, rooftop and more. The interiors were all designed by Aston Martin, a luxury sports car brand.

The house is fully compatible with all international safety standards and is powered by solar energy and supplied with a garbage recycling system.

The homes are as brilliant looking as the hotel. It would be impossible to tell the two apart as the rooms are done splendidly well with high glass windows, making a great view even more incredible and adding a touch of luxury indoors in a way only Aston Martin can.

[Via: Gulf News]

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