A precious necklace that houses a live fish for $61,000 from India!

Creativity has no limits…..especially when it’s concerned with fashion industry then you can expect the most unexpected. Can you imagine wearing a neckpiece with a live fish trapped in it? Kind of creepy but emotive too! Let me cut short my thoughts here and get to the point. Some jewelry designer Laksh Pahuja from India has created a one-of-a-kind necklace that is made from 18K gold, diamonds, rubies, Tahiti pearls, acrylic, and also a LIVE FIGHTER FISH! Hoping to enter the Guinness Book of World Records with this innovative ornament, Laksh says that he was inspired by a deep-sea diving trip at Lakshadweep Islands to create this unique Jewelry. Rubies and diamonds are not just on the sides of the necklace, but also within the acrylic cavity to mimic the sand and coral. In fact, the lower part of the necklace is in the shape of the southern tip of India.

And before you wonder about the comfort of the fish trapped inside, the designer says that “I did research on the type of fish that would be able to brave the wear and tear. So I decided to use fighter fish that can safely swim in the necklace for 48 hours without oxygen. But still, as a backup plan, I have put in two air vents into the sides of the necklace. Once you are done wearing the necklace the fish can be released from the back compartment of the necklace into a normal aquarium.” It took four years to conceptualize his idea and another three years to craft it. To maintain its exclusivity, the designer is planning to make only one of such design. It’s the price tag of 2.5 million Indian Rupees ($61,000) that will want you to dive to the ocean bed decked up with all your jewelry and swim with all the fishes rather.

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