Check out the one-of-its kind bomb and bullet proof jewelry store in London

Billionaires often assume major threats to their life and wealth. And in a bid to protect themselves they often roam around in secured vehicles with macho men guarding them fiercely. While this suffocating level of security may seem digestible considering there is life at stake, we see absolutely no sense behind bullet proofed jewelry stores! Like who on earth would be interested to murder a pair of exquisite diamond earrings instead of stealing them!

Placing such ludicrous importance on jewels anyway is international brand Samer Halimeh that recently opened a luxurious diamond boutique in Knightsbridge, London. The bomb, ram and bullet proof store showcases diamonds worth millions of pounds behind luxe glass, steel, and marble display cases, illuminated by LED lighting. The ground and first floors of the boutique further display bespoke pieces made with rare diamonds, sourced from local mines in South Africa and cut and handcrafted in New York, inside walls sealed with “anti-ram steel and reinforced concrete” of course.

To aid a crime scene that is mostly likely to take place anyway, the boutique also houses a “James Bond style vaults below the ground” for rare diamonds and precious gems. The store further features top notch motion sensors, CCTV cameras, and infra-red beams” for guarding access to the 12-tonne vault room. In Halimeh’s defense and in considering the celebrity visits anticipated for store, water tight security for it is probably a must. Bullet and bomb proofing it though, may be stretching it a tab bit too far!

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