In broad daylight, armed robbers in suits raided Piaget’s flagship Paris store and stole nearly $16 million worth of jewelry

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It’s not a good day to be Piaget as armed robbers raided the Swiss store located on Rue de la Paix in the high-end Place Vendôme area. The Paris prosecutor’s office said the three thieves escaped with nearly $16 million worth of jewelry. According to The Guardian, the attack on the Piaget outlet occurred early on Tuesday afternoon while shoppers were still inside. Their horror knew no bounds as the perpetrators even held staff members at gunpoint. Onlookers shared that the elegantly dressed men calmly walked into the Piaget store before showing their true colors.

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“They calmly walked into the Piaget store and then threatened staff with a gun with a silencer on the barrel. Everyone at the back of the store was forced on to the ground, and the robbers then forced a member of staff to open the display windows and a trunk where some of the most expensive pieces are kept.” The source continued, ‘Once they had enough jewelry, the raiders fled on foot, and then possibly got on to two-wheelers nearby.’

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A piece of from Piaget high jewelry collection.

No one except Piaget was battered, who suffered a whopping $16 million loss. A few years ago, a gang of armed thieves similarly dashed into an Audemars Piguet watch boutique in Paris and fled with more than $1 million worth of luxury watches. Realizing that luxury watch theft is rampant, the Swiss luxury watch brand announced a first-of-its-kind service program that guarantees to replace clients’ stolen watches.

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“We listen to our clients and we have to look also at what’s going on in the world right now. We have important cities in Europe and in the US that are not as safe anymore,” said Chief executive officer François-Henry Bennahmias. “We have important cities in Europe and in the US that are not as safe anymore.” Regarding the Piaget raid, an investigation is underway, and a source close to the matter said police were looking for three suspects.

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