Victoire De Castellane’s Fleurs d’Excès collection is Art or Jewelry?

The hallucinogenic allusions have tripped and excited a lot of designers all over the world. And Dior Haute Joaillerie designer Victoire de Castellane has been one of them. With the latest design of Fleurs d’excès (“Flowers of Excess”), the artist brings back the magic of intoxicating drugs on floral patterns.


The signature collection has been crafted with yellow and white gold and spots precious stones like opals, colored sapphires, mandarin garnets, spinels, diamonds, and petrified wood. De Castellane’s intricately made hybrids each contain a wearable element, becoming “jewelry at rest, waiting to be worn.

The distorted flowers can be plucked from the rings, necklaces, and cuffs to mix and match your attire.

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[Gagosian Via – LuxuryCulture]

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