Oreo’s Space Dunk Cookies offer a chance to win a balloon ride to outer space. One lucky winner will get a $125,000 ticket onboard a futuristic pod to enjoy panoramic views of Earth while relaxing on a reclining chair and sipping cocktails.

Via Facebook / @Space Perspective

Do you think money makes the world a better place? You’re wrong; cookies do, and they taste even better in space. Thanks to Oreo and its latest collaboration, this delicious possibility is now a reality. The storied snack brand, sweetening our planet for 112 years, is now setting its sights on space with a new, limited-edition line of Space Dunk Cookies. These adorable blue-and-pink cookies feature a delicious marshmallow flavor, whimsically named cosmic creme.

Via Facebook / @Space Perspective

For the first time in Oreo’s history, the cookies include a small cutout, allowing the creamy goodness to ooze out, creating a ‘supernova bursting sensation’ with every bite. This amazing taste will indeed make you feel out of this world. However, this unique snacking experience reaches its zenith in space for the lucky few. The prize? An incredible six-hour journey to the edge of space in a pressurized, luxury capsule by Space Perspective. You could enjoy these delectable cookies with a matching view at the edge of space.

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Interiors of the Space Perspective Neptune capsule. Via Facebook / @Space Perspective

Moreover, your sweet experience won’t harm the environment as Space Perspective is the only carbon-neutral space tourism company currently booking consumer flights. ‘It’s our first big, bold move of 2024 for Oreo,’ Michelle Deignan, Vice President of Oreo U.S., told Fast Company.

‘Marrying the brand with culturally rich elements to stimulate conversation is a key part of our relevance strategy. It’s very contemporary, as more companies are looking to enter this space,’ Deignan stated. She added, ‘Playfulness is at the heart of everything Oreo does. We’re a playful brand. What could be more playful than someone dunking their Oreo in a glass of milk in space? This collision of worlds was the perfect opportunity for us.’

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Via Facebook / @Space Perspective

Akin to Oreo changing the face of cookies, Space Perspective has revolutionized space travel, making it safe and accessible to adventure-seekers with their ingenious Spaceship Neptune. The Spaceship Neptune, powered by renewable hydrogen, takes passengers on a unique six-hour journey at 12 miles per hour. The giant hydrogen-filled balloon ascends to the Earth’s curvature at an altitude of roughly 100,000 feet.

Via Facebook / @Space Perspective

It should be noted that a seat costs $125,000, and people are already lining up. Oreo’s Space Dunk Cookies are now available at Liftoff.Oreo.com. Customers can scan the QR code on the back of the pack or simply visit the website to enter and win the spaceflight experience.

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