This is how the worlds first floating luxury space hotel will look like, and, reservations are already open

Space may be the final frontier, but for Orion Span, it’s the next big destination for luxury hotels. The startup company is planning to launch the world’s very first Luxury Space Hotel that will allow guests to experience something that no other high end hotel can offer – the wonder of space travel. Orion Span’s Aurora station is slated for a 2021 launch and it will reportedly receive guests the following year.

“We are launching the first-ever affordable luxury space hotel,” said Orion Span founder and CEO Frank Bunger who spoke on the subject at the Space 2.0 Summit in San Jose, California. However with the starting cost for a 12 day stay being in the vicinity of $9 million, the “affordable” factor is definitely questionable.
If you’re used to the spacious rooms at Aman hotels, then Aurora might feel a tad cramped since it contains four guest suites but measures just 455 square feet total. Aurora will be located roughly 200 miles above earth and will accommodate 2 crew members in addition to its four guests. This may be the only luxury hotel that doesn’t promise a fine dining experience. “The premise of Aurora Station is for guests to live, feel, and breath what it’s like to be an astronaut,” said Bunger, “It’s not going to be five-star dining. Fire and gas don’t work the same way in space as they do on Earth.”

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The food may be mediocre, but this hotel promises the best views you’ll ever see!

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