A stunning designer chair made from real AK-47 rifles

Would you want to be seated on a gun chair? Ok, it’s not a gun… not ‘just’ a gun. Would you want to sit on an AK47 chair? No, it won’t have bullets that will shoot through your rear when you rest it. This chair uses dismantled AK47 rifles, whose parts were completely separated and welded to form a chair. It is designed by Austrian designer Rainer Weber, who got the inspiration to think deadly after reading a book on Michail Kalashnikov. Dangerous lessons, no?

AK47-chair (3)
The upholstery on the arms rests and backrests is the work of Backhousen, in Vienna. This was then sent to Venice to be hand woven by the Luigi Bevilacqua Company.
AK47-chair (1)
The pistol grips are varnished in black and the wooden stocks are treated with a special varnish. It also has the original, chrome-plated AK47 cartridges.
AK47-chair (4)
When you place an order for the chairs, you could select a package deal where you will get an original Russian steel helmet – chrome-plated, and featuring leather-coated interior. The chair has a very Russian mafia feel to it. And we know how the Russians think, and live; so this could have well been some rich teenager’s birthday favours. And now up for sale – voila.
AK47-chair (5)

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