After the kids take a look at the rich parents of Instagram

You’ve already heard all about the teens and tweens of Instagram flaunting their wealth and lavish lifestyles on the photo sharing app, but now it looks like their parents are jumping right onto the social media bandwagon. From pumped up kicks to private jets, fast cars, covetable handbags and dazzling jewelry and watches, deep pocketed parents are now offering their followers a look into their lives and one social media account is documenting it all. You guessed it, Rich Parents of Instagram is now a thing. We’ve rounded up a few posts below:

Three days in Cortina and she says: "I only have 5 suitcases…" I need a van just for her 🙄 Courtesy of @gianlucavacchi

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50 year old millionaire Gianluca Vacchi’s daughter packs five LV suitcases for a three day trip. The Italian is known for sharing images for quite a hedonistic lifestyle on his Insta, but just last month it was reported that creditors seized some of his assets as he was in debt! Just goes to show you that Insta lives aren’t always a true reflection of real lives.

Treating my daughter to Louis Vuitton one of her weekly shopping trips 👗💄👠👜

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If your kid is not tall enough for the rides at an amusement park, then they sure aren’t old enough to care about Louis Vuitton.

Looks like this mum couldn’t find a Gucci car seat for her baby.


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She wasn’t going to be taking the bus home in heels like that!

Private jet trips get lonely, it’s always a good idea to take your pets along.

Mother Goals! 🙏💯💎

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This baby already has a mini Merc.

Seems like in the world of the wealthy, it’s not enough to have it all; you have to show it off too!


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