Champagne house Ruinart and David Shrigley come together for an art collection based on the maison, its wines, cellars and vineyards.

The world’s oldest champagne house, Ruinart is back with another art-isode! This episode of art stars none other than Brighton-based creative David Shrigley to produce a series of drawings and sculptures in his “re-interpretation” of the famous Champagne house. He is the 12th artist to collaborate with Ruinart for an art residency project since 2008, including annual carte blanche residencies with artists such as Dutch designer Maarten Baas, Scottish artist Georgia Russell, Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa, and Brazilian artist Vik Muniz. His work of art is called “Unconventional Bubbles” and includes 36 works in his distinctive satirical style; some are humorous (Keep Your Filthy Hands Off Our Grapes), some show deep respect for natural elements imperative to the process of making champagne (The Soil Is Oh So Very Important), and is very detail rich focusing on all elements including worms and microorganisms that lead to the final product (worms work harder than us). His approach towards creating this art work becomes evident when you see the collection as a whole. The artist has clearly listed the process and everything it involves which later translates into his typical drawings. For Ruinart he started by listing the vines, the grapes, the soil, a bottle, a glass, the cellar master, worms, the weather. Later this comes together as a culmination of 36 drawings that forms a narrative on the creation and pleasure of champagne itself.

The work will be unveiled in Paris on 6th March followed by exhibitions at various international contemporary art exhibitions worldwide that Maison Ruinart is a partner of. Total of 30 limited-edition boxes designed by Shrigley featuring a chequerboard that references one of the artist’s drawings for Ruinart will be available from 1 July priced at £2,850 ($3515).

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[Via: FT]

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