Infuriated when requested to wear a mask – A petty Chinese millionaire withdrew ¥5million and in retaliation ordered the bank staff to count all of it and drove off with bags full of cash in his Rolls Royce.

Via - Weibo - Sunwear

After months of battling the coronavirus pandemic, one would presume people to be accustomed to wearing masks like a second skin. However, wouldn’t that be way too logical for us Earthlings to do as directed? People have done some outlandish things instead of simply donning a mask on for their safety and the safety of others. Instead of merely sporting a mask, an American and a Russian Youtuber irresponsibly painted a mask on their faces and filmed themselves entering a supermarket by fooling the guards. Of course, they did this stunt for likes which may excuse them; but a fiscally rich and mannerly petty man in china expressed his dismay at the service of the Bank of Shanghai in China on being requested to wear a mask.

Via – Weibo – Sunwear

The irked Richie Rich conceived a rather nasty way to get even with the people who considered his health. Known as ‘Sunwear’ on the social network Weibo, he withdrew ¥5million ($7,80,500) in banknotes from a branch of the Bank of Shanghai in China and decreed the staff to count it out note by note after he got into a disagreement with them. I pity the people who make his meals or work with him already! Mess his room, and he will throw every belonging on the floor till you clear it up or mess his dinner, and he will throw a tantrum right in the kitchen, turning his home into a venue for China’s first Tomatina festival!

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Via – Weibo – Sunwear

If you thought this was an act of one-time revenge, the man who has a lot of money in his bank and a lot of time at hand said he would return to withdraw the same amount – which is the maximum withdrawal per day – until all of his accounts was depleted. He even took to social media to vent his rage on ‘the ill-treatment meted out to him at the bank. Obviously, he left out the details of what happened, as the backlash would be directed at him for not abiding by a simple, sensible request.

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The bank in the Chinese city of Shanghai cleared their side of the story insisting the incident simply involved a security guard asking the man to wear a face mask. Mr. Sunwear’s sourpuss attitude has earned him almost 1.7 million followers on Weibo following the incident.

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