Friend-zone fury! A dejected Singapore man sued his ‘alleged’ love interest for $2.3 million after she rejected his advances

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The male ego is a bottomless pit of mystery. Where it starts and where it ends is a question as bewildering as life on mars. Pumping proof into the statement above is Singaporean man K Kawshigan. The dejected fella launched two lawsuits against Nora Tan Shu Mei for failing to improve their relationship and for the “emotional trauma” he suffered after Nora friend-zoned him. While it is obvious why Mei didn’t get romantically involved with Kawshigan, his threats to sue the woman made her take counseling sessions with him for a year and a half, according to Singapore news site the Straits Times.

The high court of Singapore.

When things genuinely didn’t work out, she ended things for good like a sane and mature adult. But the hopeless in love K Kawshigan didnt see reason and filed not one but two lawsuits against Nora Tan Shu Mei in the Magistrate’s Court for $16,700 in damages for purportedly breaching an agreement to improve their relationship. The second blow came in the form of a high court claim of $2.3 million for allegedly causing “damage to his stellar reputation” and “trauma, depression and impacts” to his life. State Courts deputy registrar Lewis Tan said Mr. Kawshigan’s claim was “manifestly groundless and without foundation” and amounted to an abuse of the court process.

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In the judgment published on Saturday, Mr. Tan said: “Considered in totality, I find that the present action was intentionally initiated by the claimant with the ulterior motive of vexing or oppressing the defendant by requiring her to defend various claims that fundamentally stem from the same factual matrix in different forums.” He added: “This court will not be an accessory to his calculated attempt to compel engagement from the defendant who, after years of massaging the claimant’s unhappiness, has finally decided to stand up to his threats rather than cower and give in to his demands.”

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We have seen several examples of people trying to oppress each other with lawsuits. In comparison, some were valid, like Conde Nast suing rappers Drake and 21 Savage for $4 million for creating fake Vogue covers to promote their new album, or billionairess Kim Kardashian’s domestic staff suing her for being the harsh ringmaster. Some seemed utterly unwarranted, like Ferrari suing its ardent supporters and customers for posting photos of his own car on Instagram. K Kawshigan’s bizarre suit belittles all of the above without effort while simultaneously causing irrevocable damage to his love life with his own hands and cases.

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