Hans Zimmer has created an extended introduction of Netflix’s iconic ‘ta-dum’ sound for theaters

Like petrichor reminds us of rain, the aroma of fries reminds us of McDonald’s, the “ta dum” sound instantly reminds us of Netflix. More so during the pandemic, the “ta dum” sound meant you’re about to have a good time. It means the next few hours will sail by smoothly, leaving you entertained. To spice the introduction up a little for films that receive theatrical releases, Netflix has teamed up with composer Hans Zimmer. At just three seconds long, it’s not creating an impact, enough for a theatrical release hence the plan to ‘Zimmer-ize’ the ta-dum to create an extended version that will be as powerful as the scores of Gladiator, Inception, Man of Steel and more. Netflix has been releasing select original movies in cinemas since 2018, and this 16-second introduction with the soaring orchestral theme is just as grand as its superlative content.

Did you know the ta-dum sound before it became this epic could’ve been a very weird bleating of a goat sound as a humorous take on MGM’s lion roar? We are glad they didn’t pull that stunt off, as the sound of a goat bleating all through the day isn’t something one looks forward to.

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[Via: The Verge]

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