India’s first credit card with 22 K gold inlay is launched by IndusInd Bank

A lay man cannot do without a credit card but a wealthy man can only do with a gilded or bejeweled credit card. We’ve seen plenty of gold, diamond studded and exclusively ornamented versions of the plastic card launched world wide. Lets take a look at the first credit card inlaid with pure 22K Gold for the the Indian sub-continent. The IndusInd Bank Indulge credit card is launched by IndusInd Bank for the distinguished individual who wields influence and power in the social hierarchy. However the bank will issue this gold card only to a limited few and extend invitation for the same to eligible clients. As expected of such a valuable product, the credit card comes with ‘no-preset-spending-limit’ that empowers the cardholder with additional spending flexibility over and above his credit limit. Other frills attached with the gold card are – personalized chef services, chartered planes, yachts and super cars along with art advisory services.

The bank states that the card is designed to provide heightened lifestyle experiences with benefits like complimentary priority pass and airport lounge access, offers on theatre and events, complimentary tee-offs at handpicked golf courses across the world and much more.

The IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card is available on the Infinite platform from VISA. The VISA Infinite platform brings with it host of lifestyle benefits for the select few. Cardholders can experience privileges like never before for example, exclusive airport privileges, offers with premium Luxury hotels across the world.

The making of this card is also noteworthy as it is designed by infusing the layer of a gold leaf within the plastic layers.

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Update –
Indulge comes at a membership fee of Rs. 1 Lakh ($1,650), post which there is an annual fee of Rs. 10,000 ($165) on the card.