Just savage – Woman in China rakes astronomical traffic fines on her cheating ex-boyfriends Audi by running 49 red lights

Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. Time stands as a testimony that no one is angrier than a woman rejected in love. A Chinese woman, identified only as Lou, took matters into her own hands in the form of a driving wheel that wouldn’t obey traffic rules but for a reason. The lady wasn’t pleased about being dumped by boyfriend Qian for another woman. Other than a new girlfriend and a crazy-ex, Qian also has an Audi in his life. Lou enlisted Chen’s help to exact her revenge, who rented Qian’s Audi for an unspecified period.

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Chen then gave the car to another man named Zhu, who drove the vehicle during its crime spree of deliberately running 49 red lights and rack up fines to spite Qian. It sounds like a real-life soap opera. It gets more interesting; the police got hold of the trio after Chen and Zhu used the car in a two-day marathon, committing traffic offenses. Questioning them revealed that Zhu was not only Lou’s accomplice but also a lovesick fool who was promised a date with her if he joined the four-wheeled revenge plot. Everyone involved ultimately confessed to their role in this weird soap opera revenge scheme. Lou was arrested in Zhejiang Province in eastern China, and so was Zhu.

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Only last week, an argument between a married couple in China led to the destruction of several high-end automobiles worth at least $3.5 million. It seems Chinese women have it figured out that the way out of a man’s heart is through crashing his car! This woman did just that to vent out her anger. She slammed her BMW into several parked vehicles, including a Ferrari and a rare Porsche.

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