A limited-edition Barbie popcorn bucket at AMC theaters costs more than a meal at New York’s fancy Plaza Hotel

Popcorn is to movies what pink is to Barbie; one cannot exist without the other. But when a “Barbie“-inspired popcorn bundle sells for $65, can movie-goers find joy in the experience? It sounds expensive because it is. The AMC theaters popcorn bundle also includes a doll, her ride the bubblegum Corvette, and a tiny portion of popcorn.

The Corvette measures over 16 cm long and holds up to 85 oz. of popcorn. ‘Hop in and zoom around Barbie Land! This collectible Barbie car popcorn container recreates the iconic pink Corvette seen in Barbie The Movie,’ the description reads.

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‘With a curvy silhouette and retro trims, the vintage-inspired convertible is a piece of art on four wheels!’ Netizens couldn’t digest the ultra-expensive snack and expressed this sentiment clearly. One lamented, ‘$65 is absolutely insane when that’s only gonna hold like 2 grains of popcorn, but it’s so cute, so we will be buying!’ Another tried to see reason and said, ‘I know the doll retails for $25 but it still a crazy price.’ Some sarcastically stated, ‘$64.99 and four popcorn kernels,’ and another joked, ‘Can’t wait to enjoy my 12 pieces of popcorn for $65.’

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The hoopla around Barbie has been witnessed for decades, and director Greta Gerwig’s movie took it to another unprecedented level. ‘This is a truly original work – one of the smartest, funniest, sweetest, most insightful and just plain flat-out entertaining movies of the year,’ Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times gushed. But is a good movie reason enough to splurge $65 on a popcorn bucket with barely any popcorn? Apparently not!

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What $65 get you at the prestigious Plaza Hotel New York?
Correctly considered an icon of luxury, The Plaza has defined and maintained excellence for over a century. We dug into The Plaza’s exceptional in-room dining menu to discover what delicacies we could sample instead of an inadequate popcorn bucket. A comforting bowl of French Onion Soup ($23), a pasta pomodoro ($20), and a glass of white wine ($19) made for a lovely meal in one of the best locations worldwide. Indeed a worthwhile way of spending nearly the same amount as the AMC theater popcorn bundle, albeit with a touch of international contemporary flair.

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