Louis Vuitton City Guide 2014 celebrates 15th anniversary by exploring 15 cities

Now comes yet another LV-anticipated, set to be coveted. I refer, here, to the much-awaited offering of the highly revered (handsome) granddaddy of city guides, the Louis Vuitton City Guide 2014. The classic guide cluster due November 2013 is refreshed, revamped, and revitalized. What’s more, it also marks fifteen years of the faithful format that has superbly steered many meandering. Only this time, illustrated individual volumes come graced by exclusive photographs and the epitome of luxury travel mingled with the exquisite best in Louis Vuitton design theory.

For years, the Louis Vuitton City Guides have stayed ahead of the guide-pack. They have satiated the most discerning of sophisticates with their distinguished content that entertains and enlightens, all in the flip of a single page (so let’s not get to counting the enlightenment prospect faced at flipping its poignant many). The brand makes no exception this year. Their fifteenth-anniversary edition only allows for some more of the earlier explored dynamic appeal.

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It traverses through fifteen of the world’s most exciting cities, Cape Town, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, Moscow, New York, Paris, Beijing, São Paulo, Seoul, Sydney, Tokyo, and Venice. Treading off the beaten track in each, it exhibits a curated insight into everything from the most wonderful hotels, the very best chocolate shops, quirky neighborhood eateries, luxury boutiques, and avant-garde dance clubs to even little known museums and among things many.

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The gorgeous guides unearth the unparalleled in each celebrated city in dedicated voices, with distinguished views. An extravagant case has been crafted to honor this year’s limited edition. The lavish lacquered wooden glories will feature 3,000 copies and gush in five eye-popping colors, enamoring city stories for jet setters and respective city residents alike. For revelers in LV monogrammed travel merchandise, there is also of offer, an array of artistic travel books and collector’s special postcards.


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