Arm candy of the week – The Louis Vuitton Coussin bag

Louis Vuitton has launched the Coussin bag ahead of spring in a handful of chic colorways, and the world needs to throw all their other bags. This bag is a winner, a stunner, and an absolute eye-catcher all in one. When high fashion meets practicality a Louis Vuitton Coussin is born. We love this bag’s styling that comes in LV monogram embossed leather and accentuated with a chunky silver chain strap that you can wear over the shoulder or on your arm. The stunning Coussin comes in basic colors like black and brown and pop colors such as green, red, and metallic silver. The handbag earns brownie points because of the way it looks, and even more because it’s just the perfect size. Trends are throwing bags our way that is way too small (like birdy bags) and sometimes too big like totes. However, the LV Coussin bag is the ideal day-to-day size and is guaranteed to give your outfit an eye-catching pop. The aptly named Coussin is the brainchild of Artistic Director of Women’s collections Nicolas Ghesquière and part of Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer 2021 collection.

If you are a fan of quilted bags, then Coussin is the right pick for you, with multiple quilted compartments protecting one’s most precious belongings. You can choose to wear this versatile handbag in a variety of ways, as a crossbody, over the shoulder, or in the crook of one’s arm, taking stylistic freedom to new heights. The LV Coussin will be available at LV stores worldwide.

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