Most expensive rice pancake is garnished with pure gold foil

We knew that the marriage of food and bling jewels was catching up when we spoke of the world’s most expensive cake decked with jewels. The Indian food industry too seems to have drawn some inspiration here by unveiling a gold version of their popular South Indian delicacy called Dosa (a rice and lentil pancake). It is a popular fast food delicacy which comes with a humble price tag otherwise. However a restaurant in Bangalore has gold-spiked it and they now serve gold dosas at a price of $19 each.

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I wonder if gold is something people would want to tuck in their stomach given the sky-rocketing prices of gold at the moment. But the restaurant assures that diner can consume as much as one milligram of gold which is spread out over 12 cm by 12 cm of pure gold foil. Instead of a normal butter or a cheese dressing on the top, you’d have gold doing the finishing touches. The idea behind doing something like this is to bring some innovation whereas diners are lured under the pretext of medicinal properties of gold laid out in Ayurveda system of Indian medicine and the status symbol of course.

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