The world’s most expensive mince pie contains a platinum coin

So we’ve savored the world’s most expensive food with gold leaf, kebabs, egg rolls, soups, pizzas, Schnitzel, hot dog, sushi, ham, chocolate, pudding, ice cream and even dessert. Now it’s time to feast on the world’s most expensive mince pie that is worth £3,000 ($4,045). The interesting list of ingredients that go into the pie include “platinum leaf, a solid platinum coin, holy water from Lourdes to bind the pastry, vanilla beans and cinnamon from eastern spice markets and highly prized ambergris sugar derived from sperm whale secretions“. That’s not where the opulence ends. The pastry lid has been computer designed and laser cut.

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The pie will be displayed at the Marvellous Mince Pie Manufactory, a mince pie workshop located in east London shopping center The Exchange, at Ilford. Designed by Andrew Stellitano from the food design firm Asterism, the pie will be given away to a lucky shopper whose name will be pulled out of a lucky draw.

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