A static holiday in Britain’s most expensive caravan costs $872,400 for 20 years

Caravans come in all shapes, sizes and luxury settings. From the tallest, the largest, to retro ones, right up to one with an air deck, it meant for people who like the wilderness but not too much. And now it’s time for us to introduce to you the prized possession that comes from England. The most expensive caravan in England was sold at £550,000 ($872,400) for a lease of 20 years. A few notched above your every-day luxury caravan, the Anniversary Lodge from Haulfryn Holiday Homes celebrating their 75th anniversary features Italy furniture, an integrated sound and television system, underfloor heating, which can be controlled though an iPhone, even if the geographical distance is a few hundred miles!

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Purchased by an anonymous millionaire couple, the caravan also features reflective double glazing and an eco-friendly system to keep the vehicle cooler in summers and warmer in winters. It also comes with bi-fold doors to open up fully and offer a view of the seafront at Abersoch, North Wales. Although it is a static property, the chassis and wheel are set up to make it a categorized caravan.

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