The glamping Transformer – With the push of a button, this compact-looking caravan expands to three times its size to provide intelligent storage systems and modern amenities for up to 4 people.

When you buy jewelry, you don’t always go for the best, most flawless diamonds ever. You settle for something that suits your pocket, yet what it may lack in quality, it may make up in style. That’s the kind of reaction one has towards the Beauer 3X camper trailer. At a glance, it looks pretty lackluster, a small two-person caravan that has got nothing on the Airstreams of the world. But the Beauer 3X camper trailer is meant for intelligent people who don’t allow simply luxury to be the deciding factor in everything.

Though with a price tag of nearly $36,000, this isn’t exactly cheap. The French company’s 3X model is an ultra-compact caravan that can expand to triple its size, and that’s the highlight you are paying for. With a simple touch of a button, the trailer is small enough to pull behind a mid-size crossover, and when fully expanded, it is spacious enough for four adults to sleep comfortably.

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The concept is based on telescopic technology and takes all of 60 seconds to get it transformed into a 129 square foot (12 square meters) four-person camper. The biggest question that arises here is what happens to the contents of the camper, aka furniture, when this transformation takes place? It so happens, when the camper trailer is folded, the furniture is nested together, and when you unfold it, the equipment automatically takes its place without any input required.

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The structure is relatively light and weighs about 2,095 pounds (950 kilograms) made of polyester with heat and sound insulation. The interior is modern and minimalistic as it should be, with the addition of a shower, a TV, a heating system, an air conditioner, a biker carrier, and more. The most basic model will also get you a kitchen, bathroom, private bedroom, and living area, as well as a large double bed. The basic model of Beauer 3X costs about $35,600, and If you are prepared to drop some extra cash, you can also personalize your home on wheels further by choosing from a wide array of add-ons.

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