Zontik Games creates ultra luxurious Monopoly set for the elite class

In the world of the rich and the famous, even ordinary games like monopoly and chess exude luxury. Here is proof that these people leave no stone unturned when it comes to play time. And the company that caters to their needs is Zontik Games that transforms classic games and equips them with precision dice, hand stitched leather cases, and solid gold game pieces. Owning Park Place or Boardwalk will definitely be a whole new experience when you play monopoly on a hand-bound Dauphin calf leather plinth that features silver-gilt pieces. And if that is still not enough, the elite class can even go in for Zontik’s latest option of the Custom Deluxe component, that promises extravagance beyond imagination.

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The swanky ultra- lux Monopoly set by Zontik will set you back by a whopping $4290.