A New York based creative director upcycles grocery delivery bags into stylish $500 dog jackets

Before the pandemic hit us, dogs traveled in private jets, featured in ad campaigns alongside their celebrity influencer owners, and wore Moncler and Poldo Dog Couture. Then the pandemic hit us, and we all had to start acting, not merely thinking realistically. That’s exactly what creative director Rajeev Basu did by turning the large silver grocery bags into hip dog jackets. With millions of people stuck at home and groceries plus essentials getting delivered at home in bags that aren’t usually recyclable, New York-based creative director Rajeev Basu decided to take charge and turn the growing pile of these grocery delivery bags into something useful. They already looked pretty cool with the shining silver exterior; now all that remained was to come up with a way to upcycle these stylish delivery bags into a tailored dog jacket. Basu’s ‘between two naps‘ is a New York-based creates experimental products and wearable objects for dogs, inspired by his own very sleepy dog – Remy. This rather fetching silver jacket joins the pillow-like helmets created earlier by Basu for Remy as part of the collaborative “Between Two Naps” project. Since these silver bags are waterproof, Basu thought them to be perfect as a doggo jacket.

asu said, “The jacket is cropped, with a tailored fit, and features the ‘sleep’ packaging labels as we found them incorporated into the design – we think they work really nicely. It is fun seeing such an everyday household item that would otherwise be thrown away turn into something beautiful.”

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[Via: Designboom]

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