As the world prepares to coin its first trillionaire the $2 billion Migaloo M5 super submarine superyacht surfaces into the limelight. Longer than Jeff Bezos’ Koru it can stay underwater for 4 weeks, it has a swimming pool, cinema, helipad and its own hot air balloon.

When oceans are limitless, why should the superyachts that sail on them be limited? Not in terms of money, imagination, and innovation, luxury vessels are going all out for risk-taking affluent owners. Meet Migaloo M5, the world’s first super submarine that’s essentially a superyacht inside a submarine, and not the other way around. This gigantic sub spans 543 feet long, with room for 20 passengers and 40 crew members.

The $2 billion underwater superyacht, designed by Graz-based design firm Migaloo, will allow owners to literally escape life on land by staying submerged 820 feet underwater for four weeks.

It sounds like you’re only going to be counting fish, but that’s hardly the case. After spending $2 billion, a billionaire and their fancy clan will enjoy riding jet skis, kite surfing, paddleboarding, setting off in one of two six-person mini-submarines, or taking a ride in a helicopter.

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Migaloo M5 is also outfitted with two swimming pools, a wine cellar, cafes, and a cinema. A particularly attractive feature of this gigantic sub is the 36-seat dining room with glass walls, offering uninterrupted underwater views.

Another staircase takes passengers to the pressure hull to admire the ocean’s depths and marine life in its full glory through a viewing window.

The super submarine boasts a top speed of 20 knots surfaced, and 12 knots submerged. Interiors are opulent, with a touch of gold, OTT showpieces, and exaggerated furniture. The use of a balancing black and soothing whites makes the ambiance neutral.

While Migaloo M5 sounds like a dream boat for any man or woman with billions in the bank, its most unattractive feature, the $2 billion price tag, has not yet attracted any high-net-worth individuals from the world’s elite. ‘Our target group are visionary billionaires, with or without existing superyacht experience, who have extraordinary demands for exclusivity, safety, adventure, or experiences,’ CEO Christian Gumpold told the Times. ‘As it is a completely new development, such a project will require corresponding monetary resources, take a lot of time for design, construction, and building, and demand many decisions.” At the moment, the Migaloo M5 yacht remains a concept, with no set date for its market debut. However, anyone who could be called a real-life James Bond, or even better, a Bond villain, would need one of these mean machines in their fleet.

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