2018 Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport gets a 400bhp V6 and a GoPro app

I am very much biased when it comes to the Jaguar F-Type, it is hands down one of the best looking cars on the planet. So when you have something that good looking you do not mess with it and this is exactly what Jaguar did with the 2018 version. Except for the full LED headlights and the lower front bumper nothing has changed. The F-Type 400 as the name suggests it will be powered 3.0 L supercharged V6 that delivers 400 race bred stallions. A limited version to be made available for one model year only, it gets bigger brakes, configurable driving dynamics and a new ‘Touch Pro’ infotainment system. An interesting addition is an app ‘ReRun’ which allows let your record your drive with a GoPro with overlapping vehicle parameters like G-Force, throttle, gear and speed in a single video.

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The F-Type 400 Sport will be available in rear and all wheel drives but coming to the gearbox there will be no manual but just the 8 speed Jaguar automatic.

The more powerful V8 siblings (F-Type R and F-Type SVR) will be mechanically identical to its predecessors, but will get the new LED headlights and new styling. The most welcome addition will be new ‘touch Pro’ infotainment system that will replace the dated system from current models.

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