To save his $120 million superyacht from being seized this sanctioned Russian billionaire has turned off the location transponders on his vessel since early March. To date, the authorities are clueless about the whereabouts of this 270 feet long yacht.

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Russian oligarchs have a trick or two up their sleeves when saving their beloved luxury ships. They seem to have mastered everything from hiding behind a curtain of shell companies to hoodwinking authorities regarding ownership of yachts or even vanishing these massive superyachts in thin air. Sanctioned oligarch Alexei Mordashov, owner of the tuxedo-donning explorer yacht, $500 million Nord, managed to conceal his mammoth 464 feet boat and raced it back home to Russia. Similarly, Evraz billionaire Alexander Abramov also relied on turning off location transponders to avoid capture.

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The $100 million Titan megayacht made a quick exit from the Suez Canal to safe refuge in Turkish waters. The latest vessel to join this series of ‘disappearing acts’ is the gorgeous Alfa Nero. The 269-footer belonging to Andrey Guryev, the biggest fertilizer producer in Europe, is untraceable. According to a Bloomberg report, at least nine Russian superyachts have turned off their AIS transponders to go invisible from being tracked, which violates international maritime guidelines. Amongst them is the 269-foot superyacht Alfa Nero which belongs to one of the most prominent names in Russia.

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Interestingly, the billionaire resigned from his position at PhosAgro immediately after the first round of sanctions was announced, shared Auto Evolution. He furthermore resigned his beloved Alfa Nero from any movement and had it moored in the dark since March in the Caribbean. As shared on Marine Traffic, Alfa Nero is out of range, proving its location transponders are turned off, and it is motionless and moored at the Caribbean Sea. While Guryev continues to keep the stunning ship hidden, we would like to share some exciting details of this billionaire’s pleasure craft:

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A virtual trip inside the astounding Alfa Nero:
The massive 269-feet steel and aluminum superyacht by Dutch shipbuilder Oceanco was designed by Nuvolari & Lenard and featured an interior by Alberto Pinto. What is most striking about this luxury boat is its many open areas and the elegance of space.

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Unlike overtly done lavish vessels, the Alfa Nero doesn’t dress to impress. Instead, it does the exact opposite. It also highlights its amenities that deserve the recognition for their sheer excellence. Alfa Nero accommodates only twelve guests in six cabins across four decks that flaunt pop art-inspired interiors with a nautical theme. The stunning swimming pool comes next. This masterpiece of an infinity pool spans nearly 40-feet.

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It is not the jaw-dropping length but the fact that the pool is a convertible one. With the help of a hydraulic system, the swimming pool doubles up as a dance floor or a helipad. Oceanco conveyed that this was the first statement rear pool ever seen on a luxury yacht, shared Auto Evolution.

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The owner’s suite is a stately area, genuinely fit for a Tsar. The upper deck is dedicated to the affluent owner and is befittingly bedecked. Incidentally, the yacht Alfa Nero is named after an emperor.

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The owners’ residence boasts a sprawling office, dressing room, bathroom with Jacuzzi and steam shower, and the primary bedroom. Other notable aspects of this luxury boat are three separate dining areas, a dance room, a gym, a beauty salon, a spa, a glass elevator with access to all four decks, and a beach club.

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Despite its largeness, the ship cruises comfortably at 15 knots with a maximum speed of 20 knots.

Andrey Guryev

About Andrey Guryev:
This Russian billionaire businessman and the former head of PhosAgro, enjoys a net worth of $10.2 billion. One of the most permanent families in Russia, The Guryevs own Witanhurst in Highgate, London’s second-largest house after Buckingham Palace. The Alfa Nero superyacht is yet another prized possession bought by the billionaire years ago for a staggering $120 million. Forbes stated that the former communist committee leader in Moscow got his start as deputy director at Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s Menatep Group in 1990. Guryev’s son was put on a list of sanctions by the EU on March 9, shared Interfax.

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