Bentley claims to have created the world’s most advanced and comfortable rear car seat. It has 12 electric motors, 177 individual pressure points, and sensors that measure the passenger’s temperature and humidity every 25 milliseconds.

Two months after introducing the extended wheelbase limousine version of the Bentayga SUV, Bentley has finally released more information on the Bentayga EWB’s new ultra-luxurious, high-tech Airline Seat. Claimed to be the most technologically advanced automobile seat ever made, the wellbeing-focused Airline Seat features a jaw-dropping combination of 12 electric motors and 3 Intelligent Pneumatic Valve ECU units controlled by the master ECU for Seat Motion & Wellbeing. As a result, the plush rear passenger seat offers the world’s first auto climate sensing and advanced postural adjustment systems.

Bentley claims the Airline Seat is capable of sensing temperature and humidity with an accuracy of 0.1°C every 25 milliseconds thanks to the world’s first seat surface sensing system for thermal comfort. The complex system can automatically determine whether to apply heat, ventilation, or both simultaneously to keep the passenger at optimum thermal wellbeing. The auto climate system has seven defined set points that are not linearly spaced and have been derived from extensive passenger testing. Bentley also claims that the Auto Climate system is 40 percent more efficient than using manual control.

The second major unprecedented in-car technology inside the new Airline Seat is the advanced postural adjustment system. Offering 22-way adjustment to ensure utmost comfort, the Airline Seat was developed with the help of a chiropractor. Its advanced algorithm automatically makes micro-adjustments to the passenger’s seating position and pressure points. Using pneumatic activation zones, it employs 177 individual pressure changes across six pressure zones to offer the most advanced fatigue relieving system. Bentley claims there’s been a 50% initial customer uptake for the Airline Seat Specification in the Bentayga EWB, which is quite impressive.

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