From NFL billionaire Shahid Khan’s $360 million Project Jag to a space faring fashion tycoon’s fuel-cell powered $350 million superyacht designed by Apple designer Marc Newson – Meet the billionaires taking delivery of 2024’s biggest and most luxurious superyachts.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that the realm of billionaire pleasure crafts evolves each year, with vessels growing grander and more opulent. As we stand on the cusp of a new year, the yacht enthusiast within me eagerly anticipates the maritime marvels set to grace our seas in 2024. Fortunately, a dazzling lineup of colossal, aesthetically stunning, and groundbreaking superyachts is ready for delivery in the coming months that will keep our jaws dropped. The biggest shipyards, Lürssen and Feadship, are feverishly working to unveil their nautical masterpieces sooner rather than later during the festive season. These luxury vessels will undoubtedly exhibit better technology, improved features, and top-notch avant-garde designs. Listed below are the largest superyachts currently under construction that will make a mark as soon as they hit the waves-

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Luminance Yacht, $500 million

Lurssen’s vessels consistently captivate attention, and Project Luminance is no exception. Stretching 476 feet with a volume of 9400 GT (similar to the Flying Fox superyacht), this megayacht is poised to dominate conversations. The collaboration between the German shipyard and designer Espen Oeino, marking their 30th project together, has brought billionaire Rinat Akhmetov’s nautical dreams to life. Interiors of the 476 feet long vessel are done by Francois Zuretti and accommodations for 12 guests in 12 cabins add to the allure.

The seventh-largest Lürssen creation will feature a swimming pool aft, a helipad, and a plethora of lounging and dining options. Akhmetov, valued at $5.7 billion, Ukraine’s wealthiest individual and the son of a coal miner, is prepared to invest a minimum of $50 million annually in maintaining this magnificent behemoth once delivered.

Project Jag, $360 million

Another Lürssen masterpiece, Project Jag, this one is commissioned by Shahid Khan, the billionaire owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham F.C. (worth $12 billion), is a 400-footer boasting a striking silhouette and a dark blue hull. In keeping with Khan’s signature style, an instantly recognizable Jaguar mascot graces the bowsprit. Serving as the successor to his $200 million Kismet yacht (now owned by Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt, rechristened Whisper), this masterpiece designed by Nuvolari Lenard Design, features 11 staterooms and accommodations for a crew of 40. Surpassing the size of the previous 312-foot Kismet, it promises even more luxury, including a helipad, on-deck Jacuzzi, indoor and outdoor cinema, spa, and gym. Described by the shipyard as a “beautiful, bespoke homage to the owner’s lifestyle,” this $360 million vessel embodies the owner’s passion for sports, likely resulting in some sporty additions.

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Surpassing the size of the previous 312-foot Kismet, it promises even more luxury, including a helipad, on-deck Jacuzzi, indoor and outdoor cinema, spa, and gym. Described by the shipyard as a “beautiful, bespoke homage to the owner’s lifestyle,” this $360 million vessel embodies the owner’s passion for sports, likely resulting in some sporty additions.

Project Cosmos, $350 million

Another splendid Lürssen creation, the 374-foot Project Cosmos, is set to usher in technological innovation in the coming year by pioneering hydrogen fuel cell technology. Spearheading Lürssen’s commitment to sustainable superyachts under the guidance of Apple Watch developer Marc Newson, this 6300 GT four-decker boasts a distinctive oblong observation pod at the bow. The massive aft deck features a swimming pool and space for a large tender, while the oversized foredeck accommodates a helipad.

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Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, with a net worth of $1.6 billion, commissioned this lavish boat designed to make a statement, featuring a stunning two-level glass atrium, nine guest suites, and space for a crew of over 36. The billionaire, worth $1.6 billion, is fond of ships that sail not only in sea but also in space. The 48-year-old once embarked on a 12-day trip to the International Space Station aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket.

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Project Icecap, $350 million

Cloaked in secrecy and guarded with utmost confidentiality, Lürssen’s Project Icecap is a spectacular warship with a sizable open aft deck. Upon first glance, it exudes an air of seriousness, complete with tender cradles that double as a helipad. The individualistic exterior design comes from the Norwegian studio Salt Ship Design. Project Icecap is rumored to include a powerful hybrid propulsion system, an infinity pool, and a fold-out beach club. Boasting state-of-the-art energy-saving features, heating, and cooling, courtesy of a diesel-electric propulsion package, it also houses large battery banks to sustain round-the-clock services and recreational facilities.

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To cater to guests in 10 suites, the vessel includes recreational elements like a dance floor, Jacuzzi, salon, and spa, among other amenities. Canadian billionaire John Carter Risley, valued at $1 billion and co-founder of Clearwater Seafoods, the world’s largest seafood supplier, is the proud owner of Icecap. In addition to Icecap, he possesses the 168-foot sailing yacht Royal Huisman Meteor and a 246-foot megayacht, the Northern Star, valued at $170 million.

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Ulysses Yacht, $275 million

Feadship’s 337-foot motoryacht, designed by Sinot Yacht Design, belongs to Graeme Hart, New Zealand’s wealthiest individual. Boasting a futuristic appearance with 1,100 square meters of exterior glass, interrupted by twenty exterior sliding doors and twelve glass windbreaks, this 6,000 GT luxury vessel is a spectacle. The 6,000 GT luxury vessel boasts a two-tier engine room and a 50-foot-long tender garage featuring the largest shell door that Feadship has ever built. Sounds serious, right?

Ulysses motoryacht promises ample fun and entertainment with four hot tubs on its outdoor decks, a sprawling swimming pool spanning the entire height of the main deck, a glass staircase, and an elevator in the main atrium. The vessel, equipped with an onboard hospital and winter garden, accommodates 20 guests and is serviced by a crew of 40. Graeme Hart, valued at $9.3 billion, invested his heart and mind in commissioning this stunning superyacht during the COVID-19 pandemic, destined to set sail for New Zealand in the near future.

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