The $5 million Bugatti Mistral’s bespoke shifter has a Jurassic Park-like Easter Egg hiding inside

This year’s Monterey Car Week saw the launch of some incredible new automotive creations, which include the $5 million Bugatti Mistral. Unveiled at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, the limited-production Bugatti hypercar marks the end of the road for the celebrated W16 engine. It’s also the first ever Chiron-based model to feature a detachable roof. With a design inspired by the French manufacturer’s legendary 1934 Type 57 Grand Raid, the attention to detail on the Bugatti Mistral is simply jaw-dropping. Everything from its unique fascia to the X-shaped taillights that flank the illuminated Bugatti insignia, the Bugatti Mistral is wrapped in bespoke design elements. However, there’s a tiny little feature that you might miss at the first glance but it’s absolutely fantastic. We’re talking about the hypercar’s gear shifter.

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Mistral’s cabin design is more or less identical to that of the regular Chiron, except for the obvious detachable roof. However, did give the limited-production hypercar’s interior some exclusive features to set it apart from the rest of the line-up. One of them is the shifter which is milled out of a solid block of aluminum and features a matt black finish. The highlight of the shifter is an amber insert that will immediately remind you of the amber-covered mosquito in John Hammond’s cane from the 1993 movie Jurassic Park. However, if you look closely, you’ll find a tiny Easter egg hiding in the amber insert. Unlike Hammond’s cane in which the piece of amber had a mosquito with Dinosaurs’ blood, the amber insert in the Bugatti has a miniature sculpture of a dancing elephant.

“If you look closely in the gear shifter is a yellow amber insert, and there’s an elephant in there,” Bugatti’s Deputy Design Director Frank Heyl told Motor1. “Ettore Bugatti had a brother, Rembrandt Bugatti. Rembrandt was a sculptor and an artist, and he sculpted animals. He would be in the zoo observing animals and doing sculptures. And [Rembrandt] did the dancing elephant that was dancing on the world, and it was on the front of the Bugatti Royale. So we thought it would be a nice thing – because we always identify Bugatti with this elephant – to put it into [the shifter].” Bugatti will build only 99 examples of the Mistral roadster and all of them have already been for.

[Via – Motor1]

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