Designed for a sci-fi loving wealthy enthusiast – This 276 feet long helium-powered flying superyacht has ultra-luxurious interiors and even a swimming pool.

The great thing about concepts is you can go all out with your imagination. While you envision a conceptual superyacht, why not make it flying one right, Lazzarini? The Italian firm has made some jaw-dropping concepts like the luxurious superyacht concept with a gaping hole in its hull or the idea that came with a glass-bottomed lounge. They even did one magnanimous shark-inspired $597 million megayacht concept with three swimming pools, three helicopters, and eight jet skis. Outdoing the aforementioned creative concepts is AirYacht, the cool-looking aircraft/superyacht.

Instead of bringing the best of aircraft to yachts and vice versa, in typical style, Lazzarini has just combined the two defying industry rules and expanding design ideologies like never before. AirYacht will come in a carbon fibre structure that will help it achieve a speed of 60 knots. This is done with the help of four solar-powered electric propellers and two helium-filled blimps, allowing it to fly, hover, and float on the water too. The helium-powered beast consists of two twin airships that look like floating balloons, and sandwiched between them is a 262-foot hull.

Lazzarini shared the luxurious AirYacht, can take up to 22 guests on a trip of a lifetime. The superyacht flaunts 10 cabins for passengers, five on each airship, plus a shipowner suite in the central area, which offers unmatched 360-degree views. The side structures are connected to the primary through four bridges to balance the whole entity.

The Sun reports, Lazzarini Design Studio explained, “The AirYacht is not an airship for public transportation or touristic purposes. It was conceived for a private owner with a vision of mega yacht/aviation evolution. The AirYacht is pushed down from the rotation of the engines and can stand in the water through depressurization of helium and ballast anchor system. It can sail quietly in the water with a speed of five knots.” If the owner wishes, Lazzarini can throw in a helipad too! It’s a superyacht meant for the super-rich who want the best of both worlds and the best machine to sail in the world.

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