Dubai’s Ambulance department adds a Chevrolet Corvette and a Nissan GTR to its fleet of emergency vehicles

Dubai is a city obsessed with ultra-expensive, high-performance supercars. From its university parking lots to its glamorous police force, you’ll find exotic cars that are otherwise rare to find in other parts of the world. So it shouldn’t really come as a surprise is the city’s ambulance department adds cars that can reach in excess of 190mph. The Dubai Ambulance department has just added a Chevrolet Corvette and a Nissan GT-R to the fleet. Yes, you read that right. A call to the emergency services in Dubai might get a ridiculously fast Nissan GT-R decked out in the department’s red and white livery to attend you. The idea behind the supercar ambulances is to considerably reduce response time. After all, no other department needs a quicker response time. Well, maybe the fire department; but, who knows? They might be next in line to procure a fleet of supercars soon.

According to the Dubai Ambulance department, the two supercars can lower the response time by eight minutes in average. However, you need to remember that these two supercars are first-response vehicles and not actual ambulances, which means it won’t carry stretchers or transport patients. But I won’t be surprised if the two high-performance cars are only used for PR activities and seen around tourist locations and events around the city.


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