While a delivery driver was taking a rare Ferrari Enzo worth $3 million to its new owner he rammed into a Honda Fit and wrecked it

Via Instagram / @supercar.fails

Imagine how unlucky one has to be to spend around a million dollars on a super-rare hypercar and never get his hands on it. That’s exactly what happened to a person in the UK who presumably spent a fortune to buy a rare Ferrari Enzo only to have it crashed by the driver on the way to deliver the supercar. The incident took place at the end of last month on the UK Island of Jersey, which left the Ferrari Enzo with substantial damage. The month of September turned out to be pretty bad for exotic automobiles and rare hypercars. In the very first week, we came across an incredibly rare Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta that crashed in Croatia. It was followed by Typhoon Hinnamnor which destroyed a bunch of exotic cars in South Korea, while a McLaren P1 was severely damaged by Hurricane Ian that ripped through Florida a few weeks back.

According to a report by the Jersey Evening Post, the limited-production supercar was driving east on the island before the accident occurred. A witness said the Ferrari spun out of control and crossed over to the other side of the road by jumping over a cubed median, hitting an oncoming Honda Jazz (which is sold in North America as the Fit). While there’s no footage of the crash, images of the aftermath of the crash suggest the impact was pretty severe which badly damaged both vehicles. While the Enzo looks fine from the front, the driver-side rear quarter panel is pretty banged up.

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Via Instagram / @supercar.fails

The rear end also appears to be in a bad shape, while the rear tire on the passenger side is bent sideways into the wheel well. The crash also activated the airbags in both cars. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in the accident; although, an elderly person involved in the incident was taken to the hospital for preliminary checks. The same can’t be said about the Ferrari Enzo, sadly. Judging by the pictures, it might be salvageable, but it’ll take a long time and a lot of money.

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