Is this Bentley Bentayga with tank tracks the most luxurious post-apocalyptic survival car?

Can uber-luxurious vehicles be turned into post-apocalyptic survival machines? Well, an Estonian artist by the name of Rain Prisk is fast becoming famous for creating striking digital renders of supercars and luxury vehicles imagined as rugged all-terrain machines that can survive the worst of the conditions. And this tank-tracked Bentley Bentayga is the newest creation envisioned by Rain Prisk to grab everyone’s attention. With tank-tracks instead of wheels, the off-road compact SUV can also be used as a full-fledged snowmobile to take shelter from a Zombie attack in the Artic.

In addition to the tracks, it also has a roof-mounted rack and auxiliary lighting for illuminating the darkest of the places; it’s especially useful because this all-terrain Bentayga doesn’t have headlights. It also wears a murdered out, all-black look with a few hints of chrome because it’s a Bentley after all. With all these modifications, don’t expect this modified Bentayga to be as fast as the standard model with wheels. But at least you’ll be able to escape the zombie attack without having to compromise on luxury.


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