Jennifer Lopez appears in Fiat 500C Gucci Edition advertisement

Fiat teamed up with design label Gucci for the Fiat 500C Gucci Edition with an underlying theme of “Making elegance look easy”. And to bring this theme to life, the automaker had pop sensation Jennifer Lopez feature in the commercial for the limited edition car. Now having a world-renowned celebrity in an advertisement for a hatchback with a few touches of designing genius by a luxury designer brand sure points out that Fiat mean business. However, little did the Italian automaker guess that their tiny hatchback would lock out the J.Lo on stage at the 2011 American Music Awards!

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The car was part of the choreographed performance of “Papi” and when Lopez tried popping the door open, she realized to her shock and astonishment, and much to the embarrassment of Fiat, that the car was locked. Sticking her hand inside the car, J.Lo managed to unlock the door and continue with the performance. So much for elegance!

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