Inspired by the Viking Ships and aptly named ‘Norway’ – This 528-foot long superyacht concept has solar sails, a sky elevator, cinema, supercar garage and even a hospital.

Miami was a 433 feet long eco-friendly superyacht concept comes with two helicopters, two Mercedes off-road trucks, and a nightclub. Miami was too hip for you then meet its successor Norway, the 161-meter super sailing yacht concept. In place of nightclubs and off-road trucks, Norway has a more serene aura. Florida-based yacht designer Kurt Strand was heavily inspired by Viking ships, their square sails and has translated this vision after reimagining it with the benefits of technology. Norway keeps the essence of a Viking ship alive in a new-age avatar of 96-meter-high carbon fiber Falcon rig masts with 6000sqm of sails covered in flexible solar cell foil.

These three electro-hydraulic carbon-fiber rig masts that each stretch 315 feet and can rote as you please. All sails can be expanded or furled away in six minutes with a push button. What about the day when it isn’t airy enough? No wind is no problem as Norway is fitted with hydrogen power cells for use in light wind conditions with no sun. The highlight of this excellent concept is a sky elevator located inside the middle mast. Do you need views that make you feel at the top of the world with the cerulean ocean waves beneath? The sky-elevator will whisk guests right at the top to gaze at unmatched beauty and uninterrupted ocean views.

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Norway superyacht is more extensive than its predecessor Miami and is incredibly roomy, accommodating 24 guests across 12 lavish suites and 40 crew with ease. Norway also packs all standard superyacht features like a helipad, an elevator down to the hangar below, and a generous swimming pool on the aft deck. The tender garage carries a submersible tender, an electric-powered tender, as well as Jet Skis, water toys, and off-road vehicles. Kurt Strand leaves no stone unturned to make this vessel as luxurious as it is emission-free.

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In addition to the features above, there is a grand, circular two-story lobby and bar. For fitness freaks, the Norway superyacht concept comes equipped with a gym, spa, beach club, swimming pool, cinema, supercar garage, and even a hospital.

[Via: Boat International]

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