Here is how Lamborghini’s attempts to keep the Aventador’s successor a top secret hilariously failed

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Automakers often go to great lengths to hide the prototypes of their yet-to-be-released cars from people eager to snap spy photos during the crucial road testing phase, which includes plastering the vehicle with special camouflage wraps that have wild-looking black and white zebra patterns. Last year, Ferrari was even seen testing a Vantablack (the world’s darkest material) camouflage to hide the design details of a test mule. The drivers at the helm of these test mules are also specially trained in ways to avoid getting the prototypes snapped. However, they can do very little if the test mule decides to break down by the roadside, leaving it completely exposed to spying cameras. That’s exactly what happed recently to the prototype of Lamborghini’s upcoming Aventador replacement that reportedly broke down during a road test.

Via – Road and Track

As expected, the unfortunate malfunction gave spy photographers the golden opportunity to get up close to the upcoming hybrid supercar and click pictures from different angles. We are definitely not complaining as these pictures give us the most detailed look yet at Lamborghini’s yet-to-be-named supercar; although, the camouflage wrap quite neatly hides away much of the design details. Judging by the pictures, the test mule looks pretty close to being production ready. Interestingly, the camouflage wrap also features a pair of fake taillight stickers to fool the people. The actual taillamps sit right above the stickers, flanking the quad exhaust tips that can be seen without the trapezoidal housings that were spotted earlier. While it’s difficult to comment on the design as most of it is hidden but the supercar’s styling appears to draw inspiration from the Terzo Millennio concept and the limited-production Sián FKP 37.

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Via – Road and Track

Another interesting design element that can be spotted in the pictures is the flying buttress that’s right on top of the air vents on the sides. Although it’s a functional element that offers aerodynamic benefits, the flying buttress design surely makes the supercar look sportier. Lamborghini has not revealed any information on the powertrain of the supercar but it’ll come with a naturally aspirated V12 engine added with some form of electrification. The prototype’s engine bay can be seen covered with a web of unorganized wires, hiding the glorious V12 underneath it. Well, it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to get more details.

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