Sparks from the welding work on the hull of a superyacht cause a massive fire to break out at the Lürssen Lemwerder shipyard

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Lurssen is on fire. No, we aren’t talking about the roaring work on four Megayachts under construction at its facilities but literally so. A fire broke out at the Lürssen shipyard in Lemwerder, Germany. On the 28th of June the fire started at around 6:45 pm local time due to sparks from welding work on a new hull. The process torched the plastic ventilation pipes nearby, causing a massive fire. While the hall was immediately evacuated, the fire engulfed two machines, yielding heavy smoke that could be seen coming from the roof of the shipyard hall.

Fortunately, a prompt team of 95 firefighters reached the scene of the mishap in good time and extinguished the blaze. According to the police, the fire did not affect the vessel and the hall building. Still, the disaster cost Lurrsen around $110,000. A 31-year-old employee was taken to the hospital for suspected smoke inhalation, but no other injuries have been reported.

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The Lurssen shipyard in Bremen Germany, has been the birthplace of some the most iconic and largest private yachts in the world.

“We are pleased to report that thanks to the immediate response from our own on-site firefighters and the Lemwerder Fire Department, the local fire in the shipbuilding hall at the Lemwerder shipyard was quickly brought under control and extinguished. No damage was caused to the ship,” commented a spokesperson for Lürssen. Astonishingly, an eerily similar fire broke out at the same shipyard in 2018.

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A team of 150 firefighters rushed in the wee hours to the floating dock of the Fr. Lürssen Shipyard Bremen-Aumund facility but couldn’t save the yacht stationed there at the time from damage.

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