Hackers have attacked Lurseen, the world’s largest yacht builder, bringing its operations to a grinding halt. A favorite with Russian oligarchs and billionaires alike, the German company has built some of the biggest and most luxurious vessels.

The Lurssen shipyard. Via Facebook / @Lürssen

Lürssen, the name behind some of the most lavish superyachts sailing the high seas, has fallen victim to a cyber attack. As expected, the Bremen-based company has reached a standstill, according to local news outlet Buten un Binnen which reported the incident. However, the Lürssen-Kröger shipyard in Schleswig-Holstein continues to keep production on. Company spokesman Oliver Grün said, “In coordination with internal and external experts, we immediately initiated all necessary protective measures and informed the responsible authorities.”

Lürssen is a name associated with the most impressive megayachts belonging to ship-crazy billionaires worldwide. From Alisher Usmanov’s Dilbar to Roman Abramovich’s Solaris and Eclipse and the recent $600 million superyacht Blue Lürssen knows its craft exceedingly well. Lürssen shipyard became the target of a ransomware attack over Easter. The ransomware attack was on important computer files encrypted by parties who demanded payment to unlock them. The company did not want to say more at the moment.

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The AHPO.Via Lurssen
the Crescent.Via Lurssen
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