A Diamond-studded special edition Rolls Royce Phantom debuts at Dubai Motor Show

The 2013 edition of Dubai Motor Show kicked off yesterday, and Rolls Royce has built a special edition one-off Phantom for the event. The British automaker unveiled a special version of the Celestial Phantom which made its debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show this year. The original Celestial Phantom’s USP is its starlight headliner studded with more than 1000 optical fiber lights, which mimics the night sky of 1st January 2003 to celebrate the birth of Phantom. To add to the bling value of the Celestial Phantom, the special edition is encrusted with 446 diamonds.

The diamonds are hand-set into the door caps, center console lid, and rear privacy divider of the Celestial Phantom, which blends in with the starlight headliner. The Middle East continues to be the biggest market for Rolls Royce Bespoke cars, and this special edition diamond-encrusted Celestial Phantom seems to be an appropriate highlight of the Rolls Royce stand at the Dubai Motor Show. There is no information on its pricing or availability. It is accompanied by two more special edition Rollers; the Phantom Coupe Chicane edition that made its debut a few days back and the Alpine Trial Centenary Collection Ghost are also put on show.

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[Via – Businessinsider]

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