Bugatti Veyron’s successor is confirmed for early 2016 launch

Finally, the head of Volkswagen Group design has confirmed that work on the successor to the mighty Bugatti Veyron is well underway and it may hit the markets as early as 2016. The successor has been speculated for quite a long time now but was not officially confirmed until now. A modified Veyron with a scaffolding-like structure on the top of its engine was spied a few months back being tested on the Nurburgring and many believed it to be Bugatti’s next model. Now that Walter de Silva, who has headed up VW Group’s design since 2007, has officially confirmed the news it looks like all the speculations were bang on target. De Silva said “we’re working hard at Bugatti, but don’t worry, it’s coming. I cannot predict exactly, but at the end of 2015 or early 2016, we’ll see the new Bugatti.”

Sadly, accept for the confirmation we don’t know much about the successor model and Walter de Silva also chose not to divulge too much information. He said the company is developing a few different concepts at the moment, working together with the engineers and designers at the same time. But according to some reports, the new model will be a 1500-hp hybrid which will include an electric motor to boost the power up from 1200-hp. 1500-hp on a production hypercar is unprecedented and it’s hard to speculate on the performance figures. Until a few years back, it was believed that the current model of Bugatti Veyron will be the last of its kind and the record’s set by car will stand forever. But as we all know, records are meant to be broken.

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