Once owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, the Octopus megayacht has undergone an extensive and secretive nine-month-long refit. The 414-foot Lürssen vessel will now be the world’s most expensive yacht to charter.

Just like the rich get richer, one of the world’s most opulent superyachts, Octopus, has gotten even better. The 414-footer was gearing up for the summer, getting primped at a superyacht spa, aka the Lloyd Werft shipyard in Bremerhaven, after a beauty treatment that lasted a whopping nine months. Superyacht Octopus is ready to be chartered for the summer sojourners, looking resplendent with an unmissable, elegant dark blue exterior. It is understandable that the Lürssen masterpiece, commissioned by Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul Allen in 1998, will now be available for an even pricier weekly rental.

In operation at Bremerhaven, Germany since 1871 the Lloyd Werft is one of the oldest shipyards in operation.

The mammoth vessel, available for rent through Big Blue Expeditions, promises a journey like no other. From Northern Europe, Svalbard, and Greenland in the Summer of 2024, to Antarctica for the winter, the Octopus offers a unique blend of adventure and luxury. Next year, summers aboard the Octopus will be spent in French Polynesia, and winters in stunning Southeast Asia.

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“Octopus will again be cruising in some of the most exciting destinations with availability for clients to sample all that she has to offer,” said Big Blue Expedition’s newly-appointed Charter Manager, Jacqui Lockhart, inviting you to embark on an unforgettable voyage.

The 25-year-old megayacht, a symbol of luxury and comfort, sleeps twelve guests and offers the owner an exceptional vantage point from the suite’s observation deck. Octopus is one of the largest, one-of-a-kind vessels, offering a unique blend of science, research, and seafaring in the lap of luxury. It will also be one of the most experienced and magnificent globally, as it boasted a weekly charter rate of $2.4 million before it underwent the refit. While the changes and upgrades are a secret, it is safe to assume that the Octopus will now be even more luxurious and command an even higher rate, to the tune of $3 million a week, making it the most expensive charter on the planet.

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The luxuries of Octopus are unparalleled, from an entertainment deck with a cinema, library, and sports bar, to a glass-bottom aquarium, a sauna and spa, and a swimming pool that doubles up as a dance floor. Besides scientific and research equipment, the ship packs an impressive armada of toys and tenders, including a helicopter, a submarine, and a floatplane, ensuring a pampering and indulgent experience for all guests.

“There’s nothing like Octopus and I don’t believe there ever will be. She is the ultimate expedition platform with a program to go cruising,” stated Lockhart.

Note – With a weekly rate of over $4 million, the Flying Fox was the most expensive charter vessel, but it is no longer available for charter.

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