Pink Range Rover by Hamann

The Geneva Motor show is a great time to see innovation and creativity as the companies roll out the best of the best, such as Aston Martin unveiling the Rapide S, Lamborghini launching the limited edition Veneno and Ferrari debuting LaFerrari. However, it’s also a time when less popular companies desperately vie for attention. One of the best examples of this can be seen in the case of Hamann dressing up a Range Rover in pink color so bright it hurts your eyes. The car titled “Mystère” uses mirror-like pink paint in a high gloss color; the large-sized roof beams have been painted with a brushed matte finish, which we can only assume is a misguided attempt to add contrast. The front spoiler sports integrated LED daytime running lights, which the company says is a “display of dominance.” Special GFK carbon composite has been used to craft side skirts, door fixtures, wings, and panels to add 80mm to the already wide Range Rover.

The electronic lowering model brings the car 40mm closer to the ground, while the wheel housing now sports smaller 23-inch forged rims. The Hamann logo can be found on the door sill trims and the velour floor mats. Hamann is even offering customers an in-house customization service for the interiors.

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